Polona Tominec – Biography

Polona Tominec was born in Slovenia, where she begun to study accordion at 8 years old.

The affirmation she obtained with the first price at the International Accordion Competition in Pula (Croatia, 1997) contributed to her professional musical growing and her proper education. She graduated at the Artistic Gymnasium in Koper (SLO) and afterwards she continued her studies at the FILUM (Faculty of philology and arts) in Kragujevac (SRB) with the Professor Radomir Tomic.

In 2011 she obtained a scholarship by Gesellschaft Obergerwern Berne (CH). This affirmation gave her the chance to perform in April 2012 in the Kulturcasino Berne and to follow  the studies at the Hochschule der Künste Bern (CH), where she attended the Master Performance and Master Pedagogy  in the class of the accordionist Teodoro Anzellotti.

She performed both as a soloist and part of different orchestra groups, from duo to quintet and orchestra, playing in Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy. She performed as a soloist in the Orchestra Mirarco in Slovenia as well as in the Accordions Orchestra Synthesis in Trieste.

As a soloist, she won many awards including the Competition Zvezdane staze Kragujevac (SLO) in 2006, Competition for accordions Veseli Smederevo, 2007 (SRB), International competition Città di Castelfidardo 2010 (IT), International accordion competition in Beltinci 2011 ( SLO).

She attended master classes with internationally famous musicians such as Jurij Shiskin, Mika Väyrynen, Vladimir Murza, Aleksander Sklyarov, Miljan Bjeletic, Robert Levin.

Since 2012 she plays with the pianist Giovanna Gatto, researching and developing contemporary and original chamber music written for this special Ensemble, performing in world premieres and collaborating with new composers such as the italian Carlo Galante. Thanks to this project, she obtained the sponsorship by the foundations Pro HelvetiaFondation Suisa and Swiss performers SIG, who will give her the opportunity to join at the Classical:NEXT 2018 in Rotterdam (NL).

Polona is member of the accordion Trio Continuum and the accordion orchestra Synthesis. In both groups they are researching and developing the interest on the accordion in the most different contexts.