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Edition Belfort-Héricourt-Montbéliard | Belfort
Swiss duo for an original repertorie at FIMU Festival 2016

Thirty minutes before the concert, the queue is getting longer and longer in front of the St. Christopher’s Cathedral. As soon as the doors opened, the music lovers occupied all the available place facing the choir and the bays aside. Some even seat behind the large pillars of the building. Surely, they don’t want to miss the only preformance of the duo 88 Keys for Two.


This original duo performs music written specifically for this ensemble and compositions arranged for accordion and piano. Their repertoire seems borrowed from film soundtracks to great spectacle, the music dramas and other romances.

Eclecticism, the choice of repertoire and the quality of the execution have earned the duo 88 Keys for Two, to be rewarded in the VIII chamber music competition in Svirel at Stanjel (Slovenia). The group also won the first prize of the X International Chamber Music Competition  Enrica Cremonesi in Milan. They were also selected by the Hochschule der Künste Bern (CH) to perform at the Chamber Music Excellence concert in Berner Generationenhaus.



La Provincia, 20/09/15 – LINK

From the interview to Professor Roberto Porroni:

Professor Porroni, one of the most important events of the festival is for sure the one performed in the church in Maggio (Lecco,Italy), with a concert by the duo Polona Tominec (accordion) and Giovanna Gatto (piano), who won the X International Chamber Music Competition Enrica Cremonesi.

The two musicians showed, through a performance focused on the details, the great knowledge of the instrument, the research of an accurate sound, the great ability to listen, that they deserved the prize.

They also made us discover rare and unexpected pages by Mendelssohn (Lieder ohne Worte op.30, in the hystorical arrangement for Physarmonica and piano) and César Franck (Prelude, fugue, variation for harmonium and piano in B minor Op.18).

They also showed, that the accordion is not only an instrument for dance hall, for village festival or … “world championships” (the competition that rewards acrobatics and circus virtuosity).

Professor Porroni:

The Prize Enrica Cremonesi is an appointment I care a lot, both in terms of affection, because it takes its name from memory of my mother, and because it represents a specific way, together with the memorial fund established in 2010 by the Province of Lecco Foundation, to help young musicians.

An award that, in ten years, has grown a lot, involving young people from different countries of the world.

This year we awarded two young talents, the Slovenian accordionist Polona Tominec and the Italian pianist Giovanna Gatto, on which we can focus on a bright musical future.

Roberto Zambonini

Burja, Komen, 13/02/15 – LINK

…”the whole audience attending at the event, even the children, has listened to the concert of classic music, receiving such a great emotional intensity that I couldn’t believe my eyes.

At the end of the concert I have remarked to the audience that the girl [Ed. Polona Tominec] has clear ideas, she is recognized abroad, but she leaves a sign even on her own territory.

She spreads an artistic expression unusual in our region, together with a welcoming message for the originality.

That is a proper source of wealth… Polona, I hope that could represent for you both, a motivation for the future, even in the most complicated moments.

The Professor Milos Mozetic attended the concert. He’s a musician and a teacher of strong depth and sensitiveness, able to discover musicians and make them growing not only for their talent, but developing their soul and passion for the instrument.

In this direction, as the conductor of the concert and teacher, I suggest:

do not teach your students and do not make them growing in an exclusively competitive environment, but in a spirit of availability, comprehension, solidarity, without prejudices or undervaluations, because the talents will be revealed by themselves.”

Ana Godnik



La Provincia, 18/08/15 – LINK

A harmonious partnership between Italy and Slovenia. Polona and Giovanna, such an unusual duo!

The Slovenian accordionist Tominec and the pianist Gatto won the Cremonesi prize. Tonight they will perform in the church of Santa Maria Nascente in Maggio. Not to be missed!

Roberto Zambonini

La Provincia Pavese, 8/05/15 – LINK

May in Music
Piano and Accordion at the Auditorium of the Conservatorio F. Vittadini 


In Folio, Segrate, 13/02/15 – LINK

Giovanna Gatto and Polona Tominec, 88 keys for two

..The Festival MusicaGiovane proposes a Women duo: Giovanna Gatto, piano and Polona Tominec, accordion […] The highly varied program will range from music of the ‘700 by the Italian composer Scarlatti and the Spanish composer Soler, until the compositions of the ‘800 by Franck and Respighi.
The concert will reach an important roundup of authors such as Prokofiev and Piazzolla, concluding with two contemporary musicians as Angelis and Valpola.


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Donatoni, the primacy of thought
GAMO Ensemble
LXXXI Festival of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino